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Good for the Nigerians!

Some things to ponder:

From Life Site News:
NEW YORK, May 9, 2011 ( – In the wake of the release of increased population projections by the United Nations Population Fund last week, predicting the birth of the world’s 7 billionth baby in late October of this year, calls for measures to control the world’s population have surged.
Suzanne Ehlers, president of Washington-based Population Action International, called the new projections “a wake-up call for governments to fulfill the global demand for contraception.”

“In developing countries around the world, millions of women want to prevent pregnancy but don’t have access to contraception,” said Ehlers. “This impacts their health, their educational opportunities, and their ability to provide for their families.”

Ehlers advocates universal “access to family planning” for “healthier lives” and “protecting our planet.”

Meanwhile, Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute, takes a different view. UNFPA’s claims of women demanding contraceptives are “simply not true,” said Mosher, adding that these women instead are “crying out” for better health care for themselves and their families.

“Their cries are ignored by the population controllers at the UNFPA and elsewhere, however, who are bent not upon saving lives, but upon reducing the number of people on the planet,” said Mosher.

Demographics indicate a world better off with population growth, cited Mosher. Worldwide income, infant mortality rates, life expectancy, education level, and caloric intake have been getting dramatically better since 1800 or when there was only 1 billion people on the planet.

“The UNFPA and other population control organizations are loath to report the truth about falling fertility rates worldwide, since they raise funds by frightening people with the specter of overpopulation,” he said. “They tell us that too many babies are being born to poor people in developing countries. This is tantamount to saying that only the wealthy should be allowed to have children, and is a new form of global racism.”
And also from Life Site News, from Nigeria: 
NIGERIA, May 25, 2011 ( – Just two weeks ago the UN predicted the birth of the world’s 7 billionth baby this October. Calls for measures to control the world’s population growth immediately surged, with some pointing particularly to Nigeria’s rapidly growing population.

Some Nigerians, meanwhile, are celebrating their growing population as the country’s greatest asset.

Chinwuba Iyizoba“We Nigerians are rejoicing,” said Chinwuba Iyizoba, an electrical engineer in Enugu, Nigeria, in a recent article for MercatorNet. “Africans love children.”

Despite warnings that Nigeria’s population could reach 725 million people by 2100, coupled with calls by Western media for population control in the country, the nation’s citizens will not buy the propaganda, said Iyizoba.

While the Western world suffers from the crippling effects of an aging population with fewer youth to provide care, Nigerian parents live in financial security provided for by their larger families. Elderly Nigerians, explained Iyizoba, have no social security in the form of pensions. Instead they are provided for by an “informal pension scheme” that consists in contributions from their children. “Having more children means a better pension,” said Iyizoba.
“The comfort of a small family is deceptive. Many young people in advanced countries are so spoilt by luxury that even the smallest setback feels intolerable,” said Iyizoba. “Euthanasia and birth control result from an inability to cope with suffering, pain and self denial. As one American lady said to me: ‘My biggest fear is suffering and I am so scared of pain.’ No wonder they have high suicide rates!”

Nigeria and other African countries, concludes the engineer, may become world leaders in future generations. “They will [be] helping Europe and the US to fill gaps left by acute shortages of manpower. Perhaps it is a sign of the times that a Nigerian father of five is the new head of the United Nations Population Fund. ‘A world of 7 billion is both a challenge and an opportunity,’ says Dr Babatunde Osotimehin. I totally agree with him.” [emphasis mine]
And from LAF, which pointed me in the direction of these articles:
[Jennie Chancey] My family lives in Kenya, and I can tell you from personal experience that the majority of people here still see children as an asset and a blessing. When we are out and about with our children, Kenyans greet us with high-fives, thumbs-up, and comments like, “You are so blessed!” The only sour remarks we have received are from (sadly) Westerners living in Africa. I’ve been stopped by Kenyan women who want to tell me about the constant pressure they receive to stop having children from UN health clinics and organizations like Marie Stopes (founded by a eugenicist who praised Hitler’s ideas in poetry). These women tell me children are their future and their hope, and they are hungry for affirmation of this, as the message from the West is that children cause poverty.

It is wonderful to see Nigerians standing up to the utterly misguided “population bomb” propaganda from countries that do not even have enough young taxpayers to float social security and medicare for one more generation.

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  1. how wise, thanks for posting this! really appreciated it and agree with it... the west is dying in it's own fear...


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