Friday, May 20, 2011

Quilting myself into a corner

I'm seeing cross-eyed, I'm in pain and my shoulders are permanently hunched over. I have thread bits all over me (and the floor). And I'm NOT DONE.

Remember that quilt-in-the-making that I was so excited about? Ha ha ha.

I got a little overenthusiastic cutting out squares the last two days and cut a LOT. Like 712 a lot. I sewed them all into pairs. Then I sewed two pairs together to make a strip of four. I did that for all of them. That's 178 strips. Then I stopped and pressed each seam. That's 534 seams. And didn't I mention before that I hate ironing?

Then I started sewing four strips into a square of 16 squares. I've done 23 squares and I'm done in. I have 84 strips left to make into 21 squares (with two strips left over). I'm done. Finished. Wiped out.

I'm going to bed.

Pictures tomorrow. Maybe.


  1. Don't you have some girls around there who need to practice their ironing? Even a travel iron or a doll iron would work on those! (Don't tell them I suggested it please!)


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