Monday, May 2, 2011

Small Regina Blanket

I had a specific purpose for this blanket but I think it's turned out smaller than needed. It's approximately 20 inches square. I may just put it in the shop. Thoughts?

(natural light)


  1. I think it would make a beautiful Pascha basket cover!

  2. I love Anna's idea! It is really beautiful. :)

  3. Frame it or make a pillow with baby blue behind, and put it in your prayer corner,. Use it as the inset of a new yarn bag. Get a square frame and make it a "sun catcher" of sorts ( my great aunt made millions of them- the lacy look is amazing!) Love Anna's Pascha Basket cover idea.

  4. How about a prayer cloth! Or frame it as a lovely sampler maybe even a blanket square! It is beautiful for what ever you may think to use it for I would love to have the pattern! God surely was pleased with it what a blessing thank you for sharing it! I have been looking all over for this and finally found it again do you have a pattern ? Thank You And God Bless!


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