Saturday, May 28, 2011

We interrupt this broadcast...

Just a general announcement:

I dearly love many of you and have been trying to comment on your blogs. However, if you use Blogger (as I do obviously) then most of the time I can't log in to comment. This seems to be a problem lots of people are having and I'm still wading through the help-forum to see if anyone from Blogger has updated on what is being done to fix it.

In the mean-time, don't think I'm ignoring you. I'm actually dancing in little circles a la Rumpelstiltskin every time I can't log in. I'm assuming several of you are having the same problem with this blog, I don't know.

Let's hope they get this fixed soon.

[Update: I saw this suggestion on page 18 of the complaints about this problem (yes, I waded through 18 pages...) and tried it and it worked. If you're trying to comment and have to sign in as 'google profile' and it takes you to the sign-on page, when you sign on, uncheck the "keep me signed in" box. Then when you hit enter and it takes you back to the comment box, you will be signed in instead of 'anonymous'. This keeps you from going through the perpetual loop.]


  1. glad you have found a solution! I was lucky I guess that I was not having this problem, would be so frustrating! love to you :)

  2. So that's what happened to you! I've been missing your comments.

  3. Yeah, now I've got to go back and find all of the posts I wanted to comment on! Yay. So if you get a comment from me, feel flattered because I had to hunt for it!

  4. I had trouble for a few days too and couldn't even comment anonymously.

  5. aghh - I thought it was just me :) glad to know it is a general problem, and hope they get it fixed soon! Am having all sorts of problems with computers, our hard drive seems to have crashed, so i am working on the laptop, which lets me receive emails, but I cannot send any!!!! Not to mention no loading of photos.


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